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9:14 a.m. x 2005-08-06

i'm about to embark on an all-day work affair, beginning early enough that afterwards i can spend some time with catie. i have mentioned in past entries a young man from work resembling james of team rocket from "pokemon". i spoke with him a few times last night.

the consensus: kickass. he's really cool. i hope we speak again.

i also hope to be able to contact catie while i'm at work. i believe that i should be getting two fifteen minute breaks and a half-an-hour break to eat. he asked me when i worked today and told me we worked the same shift almost. it is such a relief (you have NO IDEA) to be able to speak to guys in a sane manner. why that happened like all of twice in high school...eugh.

yesterday was funny because my register went catatonic and refused to print anything but vertical lines. i had to be tucked behind an old-school register until it stopped freaking out. the screen got all gross. good times. i was there for an hour after there were no more customers with another really cool girl named keisha, and james who was sweeping. honestly - good times. and then "dead ringers" once i got home.

new. favorite. film.

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