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5:42 p.m. x 2005-08-07

i had the most overwhelming night at catie's new house! WONDERFULLY overwhelming! affirming! exciting! FAN-TAAAAS-TIC! i can't. stop. smiling.

because that was just...really cool. that was natural and without pressure (maybe there was friendly pressure, the result of mutual compression out of two desperate persons, maybe). that made me really happy. i wish...

...yeah, i wish i hadn't had to sleep. if the circumstances had been different (IF I HADN'T HAD TO GO TO WORK IN THE MORNING!) i'd have just stayed up. and we could've talked all freaking night. i really loved it just before it ended, though.

that'll always be a really great thing.

(i don't want to be too specific because, EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO SHARE THIS FEELING WITH EVERYBODY...i mostly want to quietly enjoy it...and have it happen again and again for nights on end forever...but it was great and mainly it was just between two kids, in a completely inoffensive and unstartling way. before you get to thinking, you skankbag.)

edit: note to new friend: your laundered scent is all over my pillow (whatever soap &/or deoderent you employed). that will make for a really interesting night's sleep.

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