11:03 p.m. x 2005-08-13


and poor alexander's got himself caught up in everything! or, rather, in my mom. my mom isn't clued into the obvious (that we are best friends, not otherwise!, that he is jailbait, etc., and loads of other important, german things pertaining to the kid). i can't help but smile cruelly at how much she secretly hates the boy, especially when it isn't affecting me directly. but when she gets home...*le sigh*.

THIS POOR BOY! he wanted to experience the united states! and what does he get? "KKKKKARRRI, LEAVE THE DOOR OPENED!!!"

i'm going to have to put my mature, experienced, adult, decision-making, job-holding, college-going foot down and say "i'm responsible for this child, please do not discourage him against americans anymore than our national representatives in washington have". what a sad situation. and they chose central pennsylvania for him (it is quite exactly like where he comes from).

work was long...yep, long. two to ten-thirty. the VERY LAST CUSTOMER i had wanted to open a charge account, and after i'd all ready gotten into the application screen, she realized she'd forgotten something. A PAIR OF SOCKS. SINCE SHE NEEEEDED THAT DISCOUNT ON THOSE SOCKS, I HAD TO RE-RING HER WHOOOOOOOLE FUCKING PURCHASE. AT TEN 'O' CLOCK. CLOSING TIME. yep, and i re-rang it twice because the first time i wasn't on the right screen after voiding it. and they wanted to take all this trash with them (?) and there was a suit they'd bought hanging behind me. OH - THIS PISSED ME OFF, THIS WAS "LET'S MAKE FUN OF THE BRAINDEAD CASHIER". their suit was hanging up behind me and it wouldn't have been such dramatic energy expenditure to say "and our suit?". but for these kids?

they just stood there. while i counted out. i was so annoyed with EVERYTHING that i didn't even think to say "get the fuck out of my station! it's past close!". they just waited. i noticed after i was done counting the change. geez criminy.

my legs hurt. three different people advised me against continuing to work in retail based on the strain caused by continuous standing (alexander and two elderly customers). i kind of want to be a barista.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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