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9:40 p.m. x 2005-08-22

preface: i have had a tough row. my entire week has basically been the twinkie defense (don't get all crazy like, dland, i all ready googled it for you).

contents: drive down to half-college? smoothe and delightful. i have the greatest driving buddy EVER. so sweet and gracious and awesome. made me very happy. finally caught up to kara in phone-tag. had a lot of fun with her today, and she regaled me with the tales of purple door! i also got her pictures on my computer. quite cool, especially the ones of aliya!!! i am wanting to write to aliya quite badly, but am needing to write a letter free of negative chi, so i'm taking it easy. i took everything easy and sat with a book for most of today.

ah, and my, algebra, and (more) english. they all seem fine. the art teacher warned us that there would be TWO PAPERS (!!!! LE GASP !!!!) and i probably twitched. after summer english...?! i'm really happy i got B's in both classes. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! BOOOTH CLASSSEEESSS!!! difficult, speedy summer classes! big classes! my major and a core credit! TWO B'S! i can do this! and there's even EVIDENCE.

it was very refreshing to pretty much not be a freshman since i've all ready done this now, and i knew where i was and it was really relaxed for me. it was crazy being on campus and having PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. i like it, i feel anonymous. i'll be slipping through the cracks of existence now, moving more or less unnoticed within the huddled masses and freely gawking and writing down all the weird shit that i see.

i met a professional paintballer today. first day of the fall semester. a professional paintballer. i got the shakes during algebra, but it was just crippling somatic pressure. dude, the teacher doesn't allow calculators! i don't know how you feel, dland, but i think that that is pretty...awesome.

calculators, and expansive calculator math, being the reason i am so far behind in said subject.

epilogue: jimmy, kara, and alex are all owed much for making me smile and for being cool.

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