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11:26 p.m. x 2005-09-10

i'm so glad my mom's best friend drove me to work yesterday, because she really has insight that i needed. i'm so glad i worked with my friend laura today because she has the same irreverant attitude as i towards our job (solid, but markedly irreverant) and our one male coworker (james from team rocket!). i'm so glad that i got to spend time with kara and hang out with lispy for the first time, and how immediately he sort of rushed to my aid, which i thought was really really REALLY cool of him, and as always it was VASTLY A*SOME of kara to tolerate me. we wound up with ice cream in jimmy's driveway, listening to a party going on up the street.

jimmy let me do one of the coolest things ever to relieve stress and i could not believe it - i am so GLAD! and i have rides to AND from school with people now AND i'm getting my liscence!!!!!! i work a lot this week, but it is a lot more okay than it once was.

maybe the art of happiness plays a part, too. maybe i'm starting to feel things outside of my beaten-back hole in my side.

almost all of my bruises are gone. i'm washing my sheets. i read something last night that made me really concentrate on things and i concluded things and i asked myself things just to widdle it down. i had to stay after school and it was so much better than that one day when i had to stay after school...!

(jimmy has my universe, but i trust him to return it tomorrow before i go to work!)

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