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11:08 p.m. x 2005-09-14

i think that given the oppertunity...

...i would have every boy who works in this one department at work sexually.

they are all perfect boyfriends for different reasons it is DIZZYING.

the one is really cute and brooding, another is very studly and confident, another is very well-mannered and puppy-eyed, and the other is perfect. BUT HE DIDN'T FUCKING WORK TODAY! or he did, but he left an hour before me, trading shifts with little mr. cute and brooding, who could've totally talked to me all night just like james but totally didn't.

all righty then, ya missed out, holden.

but i have a cd and a flyer to give the boy on SATURDAY, which is when we should cross paths next. regardless of whether or not he wants to go with me, i have to go to this concert because i have never heard alex's manfriend's band play, and i very very much want to.

did you know that everyone knows alex's manfriend? even my aunt from new jersey. everyone.

but the point of this entry is: i have many a hot coworker. another one came in today though he was not working, he was just shopping with mom. i totally busted on him for this and he smiled.

i am making headway into the realm of boys, and the overwhelming response has been "eighties musiiiiic, nooooo".

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