he came home!

6:21 p.m. x 2005-09-25

clare came by yesterday and we hit up place of employment to pick up my schedule and my paycheck and, lo, WHO DOESN'T WORK THE REST OF THE WEEK??! this kid (by which i mean me)! we skimmed the shoe department and clare spied the back of coworker's head, much to our delight. then we went to the mall and i finally spent money again (a LONG TIME has elapsed for me). i bought shoes, a coat, and a corset. today, she & i went to the walmart complex and i got a decent stack of intimates, a thrill kill kult album, "the texas chainsaw massacre" and two frames. i'm in a shopping mood like never before, and thus my size has become annoying again.

(it'd strike me, were i the viewer, that, as much as i gripe about my dress size, i never seem to do anything about it. HOLY SHIT, if that were the circumstance i'd understand and i would, too, join the legions of those who think i'm a lazy fatass. according to the doctor i oughta be dead i do so much and eat so little. unlike my one size-challenged friend, i do not have the scapegoat of guzzling two litres of soda a day. i eat breakfast [muffin], i eat lunch [sandwich], i eat dinner [a very small serving of pasta - and before you say carbs, allow me to knock your teeth out - they're the first things you burn, and they're out of there like you wouldn't believe considering the amount of work i do]. i walk. the spirits antagonize me.)

i'm playing phone-tag with paul m. and it's his turn. i just called him back; he called me before i woke up yesterday after i called him on friday, which was because he called me in math class. the teacher was so into the lesson he didn't know my phone was ringing. i'm a little scared of my ringtone, it sounds like the "halloween" theme. it'd be cool if my ringtone was "tubular bells". it'd be even cooler if it was a rocktone of "ave satani".

goldsmith > black metal. sorry, black metal.

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