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5:02 p.m. x 2005-10-12

i'm in a tense fucking mood today, oooo. a woman just called out a criticism about my paper in the midst of english class. okay, i have a teensy little bitch of a rough draft - i am the only person doing a four person workload. okay. but holy shit, you write that on the part of the paper marked for CRITICISM - you don't SHOUT IT OUT like "WHOA DUDE WHAT THE FUCK THIS RETARD'S ONLY WROTE ONE PAGE WHAAA".

that pisses me off. i also keep forgetting to pay paul m for taking me home. i wish i was taking a class for my major. i feel like i'm back in high school doing this shit. i'm feeling wasted and maligned and other angsty-ass adjectives and i AM NOT CHECKING MY MIDTERM GRADES, thank you very much. i know i suck.

there's a fire under my ass now, you'd think i'll do something now. hmm. i might. my energies are all over the place. i'm really into writing prose again, or i'm trying to. i'm trying to write lyrics again. i wrote a nifty little song in math the other day.

i really need to get a blank cassette and start freaking out because i'm alone when my brother does the paper route and i need to scream like nobody's fucking business.

if it hasn't escaped your attention, i'm in a BAD CUNTFUCKING MOOD. i'm not angry with anybody, so i don't mean to repell with my rage, but know it's there, and if you talk to me, i'm likely to start freaking out to you. humor me, it's as lame as you think it is.

(...jimmy got me soulseek...!)

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