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10:48 p.m. x 2005-10-14

holy shit...

...holy SHIT.

so, the paper i've been freaking out about? i handed it in today. the kid who worked on it with me gruffly went "argh" and signed his name and left, which pissed me off. so i took it to the teacher's office all by myself. i found him and handed it in, we chatted a moment and i skipped on out the door and into a courtyard i had no idea existed. and i was all alone and i was there for a few minutes before i bought a " a nurse" mug.

then my plans went to hell twice, and i felt really turbulent because i was up till 5 last night and i was really excited about things...but then kara and i bought presents for sam and heather. extra-larges from the gap are huge on me now, holy shit.

and so then i get home. my professor has emailed me back about my paper. i panic. it was two names on a four person project and it was all done by me...what's the end result of my all-night work cited extravaganza?

99%, fucking bitches!!!

i almost have a B now. yes!!!

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