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3:46 p.m. x 2005-10-18

i'm just now waking up, because my operative priority today was to sleep. i feel very accomplished.

other points on which i feel accomplished include:

my 109% percent paper in english (i got the bonus! for being the best!!!)
i have procured not only "butcher & the butterfly" and "humid teenage mediocrity", but THE SHINING SOUNDTRACK as well!
i'm not entirely certain about this...but i feel as if my arms have actually gotten thinner...i'm not sure if it's that or i've actually gotten used to them or what. but i think i've lost weight in my upper arms. i think that i'm losing weight a lot of places, but as soon as i start to feel good about that, my dad is going to say something. eugh.

he did just now. eeeeeexcellent.

i had an incredible weekend, but i am very, very tired from it. i worked twelve hours between the two days, i went to a birthday party, i walked several miles at midnight with clare (a fweaking blast), went to red robin and kohl's two consecutive times...i bought a new headband from the young girls' section. also tried on a dress from said section that totally fit me *triumph*.

i must raise my grades in art and math and i must keep up a good level of work in english. i must concentrate on philosophy. i must keep my 3.0 and get into temple. i must apply there like damn soon.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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