like plates from shaking hands

1:39 a.m. x 2005-10-24

i can't believe this headache.

i don't think that this is really an issue worth talking about, like how i got the headache and why i was sick yesterday. i'm not braying for pity or attention.

i'm not in any better a place. i think that i did something not very good but that is potential overreacting on my part.

not about this headache, though. or about the rumbling noise in my stomach. or the creepy feeling that i have about the whole thing.

no, it wasn't a thing, it was nothing.

i have a HUGE headache from nothing.

{honestly if you read this please don't think that i'm in trouble or i have a problem because i do not. i am, however, sensitive to the whole surrounding thing, why anything of this nature would abound in the first place. so i'm not gonna talk about it. i need to know my limits and i need to reaquaint myself with what i can and cannot do from now on. i need to reverse damage all ready done. "sick" and "drastic" are different things.}


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