"i'm sick, but i need my disease"

10:58 p.m. x 2005-10-29

1: woke up at clare's after AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME night of making inane film clips and breakup videos and watching "side fx". when our powers combined, there was sort of a nun between parts of our costumes. a nun of very ill repute. so i woke up at clare's and then rode around for a little of my brother's paper route with really bad hair.

2: went to work where i worked with EVERYONE I LOVE! i worked with james from team rocket, gunther, laura, keisha, and a new girl named heather and LAURA GAVE ME A HALLOWEEN GIFT. that was the best. i had a great time being listless and oogling and just not doing my job very well in general. i had a ring on that clare gave me and it snagged on somebody's sweater but i didn't tell them.

3: i stopped at the mall and all i'm going to say about this...all that deserves mention is that there is something about the appearance of johnny depp's willy wonka that instills sheer panic in me and propells me lightening quick in the other direction!

4: alexander visited me and it was the first time in a long time, and i shall put it as...i didn't help anybody, everything that came to light was all ready there. he all ready knew how i felt about things. if i didn't all ready know everything his point of view would've been enlightening, but i have buddha on my side and he's kind of unimpressed with everyone. but the walk was funny and i gave him coupons to give to his ride and catie's family.

are you familiar with tim allen's inquisitive grunting noise? i'm making it right now. my brother totally confused "tim allen" and "woody allen".

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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