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3:03 p.m. x 2005-10-31

scheduling maelstrom begins today. i began, it's bound to change if i can't get the driving thing coordinated.

trying. busy, but it's so nice. i have to work extremely hard at two of my classes, but i don't feel desperate or frazzled a la high school...i feel really great about everything.

happy halloween, for sooo many glorious reasons. other than it being the month of heather, dami, and jessicka's (of scarling.) birthdays, it ends ANOTHER ENTITY, malignant and ridiculous, and begins something beautiful.

you are going to go through wonderful things now. thank goodness. i'm so proud of you. i hope the whole ordeal has made our friendship that much more durable, that we could withstand the luftwaffe.

here's to OCTOBER!

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