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10:19 p.m. x 2005-11-01

i took the entire day to get serious about this layout, just so i could feel as good about writing in it as i do about my walmart boots. they hope to someday live up to the example set by alex's kmart boots, but first i have to pass math. and art.

the picture included in this layout is by a fine arts studio called lithium picnic and it's of a wicked awesome model called apnea, just so that i have that all cleared & out of the way. this layout was almost a deleted still from "blue velvet" or a picture of tairrie b & jessicka. the "blue velvet" thing though, holy shit...i believe i've mentioned about buying the special edition dvd; it has that deleted scenes montage? the part about dorothy finding "the other ear"? that bothered me.

speaking of which, i've watched "fat girl" almost as often as i've watched "bowling for columbine" this past week (briefly, on this: i'm fucking sick of that film - you see it once, you've seen it; i have to do critical analysis of it for class...son of a BITCH). i can't pinpoint what so charms me about that film. is it the lively palette of primary colors (very "le mepris", g-unit)? the addictive melodies muttered by the protagonist during her many listless moments in the tide? the POOL SCENE?!

if you don't know what "pool scene" i speak of, come up with a copy of this film fast. it'll let you know the sun is shining, wherever you happen to be.

ppppppfffffffffff...i'm in an excellent place right now, and smiling.

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