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2:58 p.m. x 2005-11-08

my weirdass cookies setting makes it impossible for me to log into certain sites now i suppose (?!?!?), but the website i got the lyrics from is here. it's pretty. i can't wait for the cd-only release!

the english teacher totally knows i'm the one writing everything. i'm aware of this as well (hmm), and it more or less goes without saying that that sucks, but you know what? i can't see it as anything to get into a moral dilemma over. i wish other people would do their goddamn motherfucking work - it is english 102, it is REALLY not a stretch, it is not very hard at all if you plug away and work. taking 101 in six weeks was a MUCH bigger expenditure of my energy. 102 tests my limits a little more, but COME THEE FUCK ON, group papers you guys...! you're doing a FOURTH of the work you'd be doing for an individual paper!!! you're writing a little blurb on your assigned part of the paper! OH MY GOD.

ugh. i must be a fucking genius compared to these kids. i don't know. they as people don't bother me. i think that i just need to find a small plot of apartment and something to type on.

my body's trying to get itself oriented. i'm in a pretty constant state of that, which is awesome but really taxing. also i feel like my head is being weighed down in the back by a neat stack of bricks.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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