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9:45 p.m. x 2005-11-12

my mom brought a grocery bag full of pictures of herself in high school. she was in connecticut and she had a dumbstruck celebrity encounter with martha stewart. they kept running into each other because they're into more or less the same thing.

i have to get out more. not with the hope of meeting martha stewart, but just to circulate. i got out-ish today, which wasn't real because it was work, but i bought gifts for tweak and kara that are both very baubly and seem, to me, things that i would buy for them, which is what i'm going for. baubles are really kari.

i saw "the sentinel" on tv, which i'd had on my amazon wishlist - ha! it is more seventies than anything i've ever seen, including alexander's curly white man afro. it made me want to decorate rooms, but i'm so glad i didn't buy it. the production values were infuriating enough, but that the main character had a really cool fully furnished apartment for 400$ almost made me stop watching. granted that it was all a trap to drive her blithering mad into suicide by the force of a coalition of dead murderers, it had a very baroque charm nevertheless.

this has kind of motivated me to go clean...? hmm. i need a break soon.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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