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10:02 p.m. x 2005-11-13

model photography is eighty-seven different kinds of fun. i love working with somebody and getting a little mood. it's what i'm excited about with directing, only more accessable right this very second.

i have a lot of very powerful feelings right now. i'm hanging onto them so that i can stand the crash at the end of the wack-ass art/math milieu.

i just wrote a huge "sorry, that's that slash goodbye, whatever" announcement but i don't even have the heart to hang it up on the internet. i think about it, i write about it - i'm repulsed and that's all there is to it. good job putting yourself in such a bad way with me.

look at that. being all sour and i had a fabulous day! i didn't have to go to work! i woke up with a phone call from clare! she and i hung out all day and walked around and i bought a skirt, thus breaking the covenant that i had, that i wouldn't buy anything for myself until after i finished xmas shopping for others. this was an emergency!

i love my room. i'm in there a lot. i ought to. that's pretty much where my mind has dwelled lately - not being so specific but design, surrounding, aesthetics, fashion, appearance. etc. probably as a reaction against my extremely cerebral streak in working on school and my private projects and running all over the place.

thank goodness, though, that it's winter, and i'm finally into the fold of drinking my coffee hot. i think there's something in that that i am awake much more now.

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