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1:12 a.m. x 2005-11-19

today i discovered something.

well, several things. the first of which is most important: i have become AERODYNAMIC. as i was meandering away from my english partner after we convened in the writing lab, instead of my slow, swimming movements i tend to make towards a desired destination, my legs felt they could stride and i really felt my ENTIRE LEG MOVE. not just below the knees, the calves laboriously carrying everything. it was pretty cool. i can tell my thighs aren't as bad as they once were.

speaking of which...i've lost a combined total of 16 inches. six in the bust, four in the waist, and six in the ass. niiicccccce. i'm happy, anyway.

and completely floored. yeah, that's another thing i discovered. i get physically exhausted quite easily now. it's probably very good, a sign that i ought to be slowing things down a bit anyhow.

i bought clare's gift tonight and i LIKE IT! i hope that she does. good night my cheeky little monkies *whip noise*.

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