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12:22 a.m. x 2005-11-27

today i'm feeling a shiver towards better. i bought a hoodie that i really REALLY love, because i am not a hoodie fan and i had one that i bought in ninth grade, because the occassion does arise now and again that one needs a hoodie. but that thing was big then, so it's HUGE now. today i saw a girl wearing one that i loved and then i found it way later (in another city). it's an alice & wonderland one, and it's fitted and i'm enjoying it very much.

only slightly more than i'm enjoying the other thing i accomplished today...which was that my mother wanted to buy me new nightclothes. so we were in victoria's secret and she really liked this slip dress, and i liked it as well as this matching top/pants sent that i could wear the top with the slip, etc...and i tried on the set and I NEED A FUCKING MEDIUM.

i am getting kind of tired of writing about my weight loss, but it is a big deal that i'm happy about...another thing being (that i'm happy about) that i bought my friend laura (from work) her xmas gift!

other rundown: i am beginning to be distressed by the male gaze, i am having dreams about my best friends because i miss them so much, i need to improve my karma and free up my chi, i need to get more sleep, i need to stay out of malls for a while.

i stopped listening to my headset on max just in time to not allow "dragostea din tei" to consume my life. i think that was good timing.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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