10:10 p.m. x 2005-12-01

i am a big fan of the photography of chas ray krider. his site motel fetish is so up my dangerous, questionable alley (flanked with "LIVE NUDES" signs). i took a really stunning series of pictures of clare but haven't gotten them in yet. i can't even remember now what too many of the shots looked like except there was a lot of grass and seamed stockings. perfect!

jimmy gave me an invitation to a service & dinner for his achievements in boy scouts (!!!!!), which is INCREDIBLY COOL and i am GOING, but it means going back into a church. i am more than a little sick at the thought after the last time, this time i'm just not gonna be that receptive to old women. again, there's going to be one of my good friends and food, so i'm going. but my defenses will be so up i don't expect to speak to too many people.

the skirts that came today are AWESOME. i tried them on since no one was around. i'm still kind of fuming over the failed order, but i apparently can still put that in. this time i'm going to order a photo; this one to be exact.

after having less than an hour of sleep tuesday evening, working and freaking out on wednesday, i was pretty happy to sleep until class this evening. laura called today, and we laughed uncomfortably about a guy who has it for both of us (who is veering irretrievably towards creepy), as yesterday clare called and we had a stammering shouting match about the stupid exploits of a certain german with a certain heirloom. which reminds me that i must insure everything i own...

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