emaciated iron-flat

6:12 p.m. x 2005-12-04

according to the face recognition demo at myheritage.com, i look like no one who's ever existed. and that, kids, is not wholly inaccurate.

i finally bought my parents' gifts, along with the taschen fashion book for 19 dollars...*giddygiddy*. i wish i could get outside and run around, but not only do i not have time, it is bitterly freezing. that, in itself, is AWESOME, but i need to burn off my pent-up-ness that i KNOW IS THERE because i hop around like a tense mess in between bottomless sleep fits...i woke up ten minutes before i was due to leave for work this morning.

i spent the night at clare's and had a blast, even though she fell asleep while i was explaining something. still fun. marilyn manson wedded dita von teese while i was at work on friday. freakin a.

i will learn to sew.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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