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8:31 p.m. x 2005-12-08

25 years (john lennon). i let something i read on the internet piss me off, but it really wasn't anything worth flipping out about realistically. the girl who made the comment that angered me has never met with much success when it comes to not constantly lowering herself below what she felt was a decent person. she just always got worse and never cared. the comment she made was about my weight. of course. i may have been unhappy with my weight for a long fucking time, but i always had respect for myself, which she never had, and now that i've lost weight through conventional, non-malignant means and she's on cocaine and cannot seem to free herself from her very amazonian proportions...that'd make me pissy, too, i'd imagine.

and fuck you! i haven't spoken to you since i was a freshman. geez kriminy.

i had an anxiety dream about my philosophy final! which i was not very worried about! but maybe i came across as being...the professor gave me the easiest concept to explain ("the allegory of the cave"). i also had another anxiety dream about the same thing, but it was a lot more round-about. i dreamt that i was still out with alex and we were in town, and i recieved a phone call from juliette lewis. she told me that she wanted me to hear the licks' new song, and i said i promised that i'd be there at such-and-such a time but i had a final. she said she was counting on me. suddenly, alex had to leave and i said, that's fine, my mom will come get me. so i called my mom and she said she'd be a minute, and i reminded her about my final. i was in front of a barnes & noble, which was still in the process of opening and had a small selection of new books and one register until it was fully open, and it was really busy and i was rather flustered with the huge crowd.

so maybe that was an anxiety dream about driving, rather....

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