it's time for fire

1:43 p.m. x 2005-12-13

health matters in the clear! finals! i am finally a large in old navy!

and through a lucky google mishap, i stumbled upon infinite scores of DITA. merry xmas, internet.

i remember very vividly that, during middleschool, i was mysteriously impervious to changes in the weather. like i was at one set internal temperature that never went off-whack no matter what the weather was. it is no longer that way. i am perpetually, chronically freezing.

and i couldn't be happier about it.

i'm glad that i have school every weekday this next semester, nice as having two mornings off, i just like running around being busy. and i'll still have every tuesday and thursday evening free because i like it that way, AND i'm changing my availibility to no past 10's (cause i'll have school every day, i can't pull the midnight thing - that just sucks anyway).

there's something about katie jane garside's voice that has the same ambiance now as disney films did when i was little.

clare dyed her hair pink-red and i LOVE IT incredibly so...i have the picture of her that i'm blowing up to 8x10 for her birthday. she's still blonde in it but it's a fantastic shot. i'd like to do that again with her new hair, because it kicks my ass and the pictures we took in the snow were awesome.

AGH! SPEAKING OF WHICH! KARA'S BAND PLAYED A SHOW! AND THEY KICKED ASS!!! kara sang beautifully, and has the sweetest moves i've ever had the pleasure of observing. i hope to see her many more times, because she was specTACular!

i'm getting publisher back today ^-^...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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