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1:45 a.m. x 2005-12-15

i was a total bat at work. i am snappy and unhinged the vast majority of the time. that's just clearing blockage.

usually work is a very fruitless environment for creativity but today a great, lucid monologue meandered through my barely-conciousness and made it all the way to break where i could record it. also i have been revisiting two great loves that have been brushed aside for a period. both of them are british, to varying degrees - "absolutely fabulous" and the beatles.

the beatles have an absolute, stunning effect on me. it isn't far from being pumped with limbfuls of vicodin. it's sort of timing, it's sort of mystery - sometimes the sound is really deluded, like it's ignoring other things, then when it says it it's like "whoa? you can admit that?". i don't know. maybe i'm not listening to the beatles you're thinking of...

"absolutely fabulous" is the funniest fucking show i've ever seen. my brother's best friends late mother sold me the first series on vhs for a dollar a tape. she also gave me my first LP, the ramones' "rocket to russia". she was awesome (and still is, i'm sure, somewhere astral). i've been watching a tape a night, and tonight i'm on my favorite - season two, volume one. with "hospital", "death" and "morocco".

i can barely contain the giddy!

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