sherry fraser

8:09 p.m. x 2005-12-18

this is going to be another wonderful winter, just like the winter we saw "kill bill". i can tell.

this weekend, alex gave me a lucky cat; one of those little white cats that raise a downturned paw. paul used to obssess over them when dollar goodies was still around. amber, clare & i had a blast at dinner & afterwards, where clare played and sang a song she wrote that was really awesome and i loved it...and i got her fantastically demure boyfriend to say "fuck this shit! pabst blue ribbon!".

today clare & i went to the unitarian church, which i really really love, and i thought "geez i've had the greatest weekend". i got an A in philosophy! my first college A!!!

EVERYTHING is AWESOME. i love my friends so much. i'm not in school with them but i feel really good and close to the people i love.

i feel really great, and i know i didn't feel that great back when everything was great.

this will be another wonderful winter, and i could cry that i have that again.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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