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11:10 p.m. x 2005-12-22

i saw clare perform the emo song live tonight! and i bought a menorah, and some other things.

i'm getting kind of repelled with consumerism now that i work in retail. thanks, job, for sullying escapism for me.

another gripe about my job, something else i'm sure it didn't "mean" to do...i have attracted the unwanted attention of a male coworker. i'm all ready grappling with repulsion. it ain't helpin. this guy is quite like the typical male kariluster, which is a strange variety - he is the kind of person who DOES NOT TALK ABOUT SEX EVER in front of his parents, whom he lives with, but feels very freed-up to do so around me. yeah, i understand a lot. i understand most of what you could think of to throw at me. as people go, i'm awfully nonjudgemental. neurosis is fine.

BUT DON'T SPLASH IT ON ME. my neurosis is my business. when i start to get it on someone, i draw back. i lay off. i hope he does, but i forget that i'm a considerable bit smarter than these gentleman.

i'm fast entering man-wasteland now, which makes it easier to discerne the douchebags and the ones that are okay, which is fine, that's great...

...i just want ambition.

ambition and judaism.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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