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12:01 a.m. x 2005-12-27

thought i'd knock myself out and try to log my xmas gifts. rough keeping track.

righty: dresden dolls, portishead, "rid of me", the beatles by bob spitz, brighton clock, ihome, melancholy molly doll, princess ai "borrowed threads ai" doll, argyle vest, beatles half-face long sleeve wonderously thermal tee, lolita skirt, choppy lace skirt, short borderline-hoochie lace skirt, corset, three black sweaters with varying necks, a red sweater, a red shirt with black lace down the front, black pleated schoolgirl skirt, argyle socks, seven pairs of underwear, a lone bra, female chauvinist pigs by ariel levy, the photo book fruits (JAPANESE STREET FASHION), a hilariously sweet vanity set, a frame from POE that i've ogled in the past but refused to pay for, two cameo necklaces, a black jeweled pendant, red earrings, "jules et jim", "the phantom of liberty", a snowglobe that plays "fur elise", slipper-socks, a pajama-slip set from victoria's secret (nice and coordinated), alice in wonderland "down the rabbit hole" tshirt, silk skirt, velvet skirt/jacket/tank-top thing, cobweb dress (dorkiest purchase ever, perhaps), jacket with fur collar, tiramisu veneziano perfume and sugar cookie perfume. i think that's it.

the ihome was a shock and, surprisingly, practical. i love the beatles shirt so much. it's probably my favorite gift.

JUMANJI was on last night!

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