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11:48 p.m. x 2006-01-09

kara's 18th banged severely. i had a blast, as did clare's scene outfit, as did bryson and his hardcore consonant pronounciation. i am currently in the agonizingly complex process of unearthing my belongings, stuffed into the farthest reaches of the patch of plywood that is my room. i poured over my "sailor moon" manga collection (complete, volumes 1 through 18, faithfully accumulated since its US premier, bitch). i'm so glad i grabbed it all now that it's DISCONTINUED. NOTHING IS SACRED WHEN KODANSHA SUSPENDS THE RIGHTS TO "SAILOR MOON".

that franchise is my childhood. and "gundam wing", which, since i have the entire series on dvd, i have an easy means of regressing. but "sailor moon", which at one point RULED MY LIFE (and, i say, when it was more or less safe for something to do so, and since it was a wholly positive force, i probably am spared to an extent lameness that that period really exuded) and I DON'T HAVE IT. i have a horrible DVD set of the first season in japanese. so the other day, i took some action and ordered seasons 1&2 on dvd - DUBBED. just like i remember them.

i am going to FREAK OUT when that gets here. completely. no one will see me for a while, and when they do, they'll be forced at knifepoint to watch with me. i'm going to start watching from the episode where rini appears, since that's when i started watching it back when i was 10. once i've got that, then i can buy the whole rest of the series since 1&2 dubbed are owned by another company (and thus sold apart from the entire set).

i would've had season 3 all taped except for whoever it was that replaced serena's old voice actress. *grumbles*...bitch...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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