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1:15 a.m. x 2006-01-15

clare's 17th birthday party was the best party i've attended in a long fucking time. granted, kara's was awesome, but it was a lot of people milling and it was very much a diverse array. this was nine people who all put effort into an astounding mutual time. clare, myself, billy, freshman dan, amanda d, jimmy, duff, paul and kenzie. it was actually awesome. we migrated from the kitchen to the living room to the kitchen to the porch to the kitchen for actually food to the living room for ORGIASTIC GLEE. i haven't had orgiastic glee like that since we stopped hanging out with the kid with the unibrow, gorge. AWESOME!

then today clare & i encountered TWEAK and again convened with billy, duff and AMBER for gratuitous walmart action. exhaustive, bright and admirable weekend. i was damn bleary before all of it, so i value it. i had an excellent time!

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