i think i'll find france another day

5:50 p.m. x 2006-01-16


...to run against my salad fingers.

come down from there at once, hubert cumperdale. you're just a sticky river. you seem to have adopted a strange dialect. is this a present for me, mister fisher? you hold a welcoming texture. i'm not one for accusations, but this one is cast iron. you've been tailgaiting my daughter with the hopes of deflowering her rose. i think i'll find france another day. you've gone flat, little sister. i shan't play with you again until you've had a wash. HAVE I BEEN GIFTED A GRUBBY TAP? OH HOW I'VE DREAMT OF TAPS! OH TAPS! I JUST WANT TO MARRY ALL OF YOU GORGEOUS TAPS! oh...that was a treat for the fingers.

parties are the only things that beat salad fingers.

edit: shit! i completely & entirely forgot to mention how i spent my day. it was lovely. clare & i headed out to PHILADELPHIA to see west chester. west chester is adorable, especially anderson hall which we'll be hanging out with and petting a lot once we're there. then we trolled mainline hardcore and ogled catholic boys that dotted the horizon line as far as the eye could collect rosemont, villa nova, bryn mawr and haverford. SHIT was that the sexiest plot of land ever. i had a blast, though i would've settled for a t-shirt (no such luck). an extra outing, which, hopefully clare wants to accompany me - i have yet to see temple. so i'll be heading back that way again. but i loved everything that crossed my path today! i would especially love to go to west chester, though. if for nothing more than to rub it in to my neighbor for dropping out (vast, limitless affection there).

you are still hard-pressed to beat the salad fingers, however. just you try.

(jimmy is a gentleman and a scholar!!!) now that i look at it, the picture linked at the top doesn't quite express the energy-level nor the orgiastic glee of that party. it might have been an all-in-our-heads thing, but that was some hott action. don't let that picture decieve you, viewer (pff, it's cause neither i nor paul's naked ass make an appearance...not in that shot...).

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