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12:36 a.m. x 2006-02-11

i can't believe this week. it has been fucking PSYCHOBITCH. weird shit abounding from every angle. yesterday was fantastic, i went to duff's house and got to stay till curfew despite the fact that it was a weekday. his parents are really cool! that was extrenuously lovely and i had such a great time considering the state i was in; it was not good...but everything cleared up because the matter at hand wasn't a matter that i have the time to give a shit about. so that was that, and i thoroughly enjoyed my thursday with him ^-^.

TODAY was so damn long i can't even remember having class today! i had a presentation and a (late) paper due to comparative religion and then a new chapter started in human sexuality, so i had shitloads of work to do, and when i got home i just slowed down before i had to make another move. my nerves are wacked thefuck OUT. then i went to clare's to take a couple of pictures, and clare was the man and loaned me her old prom dress for a dance that amber w's taking me to tomorrow. then i got home and jimmy came by, distraught but hopeful over seriously fucked circumstances surrounding thee glorious heather, who is being wronged left and right. and we talked about that, because jimmy and i can talk and i value him for that, and then he invited me to join his family for dinner, which was like whoa! and then ryan called and we hung out until now, and i got to tell him about duff and he told me some crazy shit, because that's ryan's area of expertise.

i can't believe i did so much today! geesh. and i'm actually exhausted, which is probably a good thing.

oo the winter ball is canceled...(i love amber but my focus is so elsewhere...)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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