they look at you and i and envy makes them cry

5:38 p.m. x 2006-02-12

duff got into a car accident, but he's okay. i called him and asked him when it was okay to come over and he said do you know what happened to me??? i'm upset that this happened, but i'm happy he's safe. i bought him two more things for valentine's day, and i'm actually going to see him then! i'm going to go in a little bit and give him one of the things, though, because i want to and because he had such a rough night. i had a really rough night last night, too. i didn't get into a car accident but jimmy and i were up until three sharing our insecurities which are basically the same. jimmy and i share the same role in our individual relationships, and it's surrealistically agonizing to listen to us drive around for hours and talk about heather and duff. nothing i wish on anybody else.

i've always got somebody who totally gets how i feel, and that's awesome. i love jimmy, and i love clare because she and jimmy both crusaded for me against the forces of evil.

i'm fucking lucky to have friends like that. there's no earthly possibility of one's life sucking when they have friends like jimmy and clare

(creepy note: that was the first thing i ever told him in any medium, was that he was going to pull out of a bad circumstance because he had jimmy and clare at his side - the truth never stops being true).

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