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6:27 p.m. x 2006-02-20

yesterday i went to work, and i actually had a smashing fucking time because i worked with LAURA & KEISHA who are two of my very best work friends. laura gave me my xmas present, which was a PRINCESS AI DOLL!i was ridiculously stunned and very excited also to go see CLARE! we picked clare up and she and i went bargain-shopping, and everything i bought was to keep me warm, including interpol's "antics".

then after i got home, i spoke to DUFF and then the FUCKING POWER BLEW OUT. i later learned it was due to a friend getting into a car accident; i think he's all right but GEESH. then i got in touch with JIMMY, then duff wanted very badly to speak with jimmy, so we all convened.

and i cried. a fucking boatload. and they are my friends. and they understood. we visited HEATHABEE!

but it was midnight, i was a fucking wreck, jimmy was scared, and my parents are not fans of me right now. thus, i graced the floor of st. jimmy, under the occassional glare of his mom (WHO WAS SO NICE TO ME, REALLY, THAT WAS INCREDIBLE OF HER) and next to duff. which was really sad, or would've been if i wasn't exhausted. we held hands. it was fine. i care a lot about him.

i ate almost an entire box of cheese-its, though. that sucked.

{jimmy you're never gonna know how valuable you are because you'd explode inside the sun if you were to realize.}

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