her resolve

11:08 p.m. x 2006-02-21

my mother is not a fan of me right now. i get that she's being concerned. i get that. i do. but she has nothing to be worried about. i'm a good kid. i'm a virgin. i'm a good decision maker. i like to speak to my friends. terribly sorry.

i'm an adult. please resolve your issues. i'm resolving mine, i have to do it MY WAY. i talk to people. i explore how i feel. guess what i did today?! I GOT OVER THE GUY THAT'S BEEN MESSING WITH MY HEAD FOR A SOLID MONTH! it's a wonderful feeling. it's really freeing. sorry you can't share in it, but you've been nothing but gruff about the issue of me having a boyfriend since the beginning. when something gets a reception like that, of course i'm going to react by NOT WANTING TO SHARE EVERYTHING.

it's all too fucking stupid.

i'm going to come out on top. i'm going to get good grades. i'm going to have a wonderful time. things can only look up for me. i have resolve. i'm strong. i've got two friends who mean the world to me, and i like myself and my decisions.

i haven't been stupid. sorry if you don't care about it.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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