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1:51 p.m. x 2006-03-07

jimmy unloaded on heather his exploits from within the past month. i'm proud of him for being honest.

i'm flamingly fucking resentful of the partner in crime there, the girl he primarily did things with outside of his relationship...very very angry.

duff spoke to me last night like nothing had ever happened between us, bad or otherwise. because now he couldn't afford to be blatantly mad at me, i suppose. he wants to have a party, and so do i, but i also don't want to engineer a relationship for him. i'm too fucking tired.

right now my objective is to see jimmy through this rough patch like he saw me through mine. i owe him the world, he is the greatest. no matter what happens, we have each others' backs, and if that isn't ever the biggest relief.

i love you, jimmy. hang in there.

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