i'll choose this life i've taken, never mind the friends i'm making, and i get a little shaken because i live my life like this

7:29 p.m. x 2006-04-09

my hair is purple. it really doesn't bother me, dare i say...i'm even partial to it. i don't think i could marry it, but i can definitely date it. plus i need a break from blonde. it and i were getting too incestuous.

i'm on a kick again. like before...like FUCKING HELL does it a) distract me, rule my life or govern my functions in any way shape or form, b) fuck me up. i won't allow it. it's a slap on the wrist, not a stab in the stomach...c) mean anything. it is peaceful protest. it is compensation. it is k and k alone day.

implications make me tired. i won't care about the stupid shit that you do if you don't care about the stupid shit that i do. and i look at that...that's what made us friends to start out with. that's a signal to slow down. that mean's something's going wrong.

i'm not proud but i'm relieved. i can't fix the past but the future is malleable. the past makes me sick. the future's so bright i gotta...oh, i got those sunglasses for easter. and "the tin drum". FINALLY.

last year, tweak and catie and kara and i made smoothies for my birthday. two years ago, clare, ryan, paul, kara and i went to applebee's and ryan asked our waitress for one waiter's screen name and he and paul became embroiled in a feud over this waiter for most of the rest of their high school careers. three years ago, i walked down the steps into tweak's basement and catie wrapped her arms around my legs. kara spoke spanish. tweak cried over "moulin rouge". clare and i listened to the sex pistols.

this year...this year...what's up with this year...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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