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6:04 p.m. x 2006-04-23

all-nighter then work, sleep diced up with angry cat, kara, and my aunt. work again, now sunnis and shiites. wistfulness and a bit of a headache. i don't think my mom is mad at me, which is pretty cool. i think she's finally coming down from her my-daughter's-a-whore trip. GREAT TIMING...


i'm kidding. but it was very fun. and starry and whispery. i can't tell if drinking coca-cola blak really helped me out at work or not, because i sort of tarded-out for the first hour and half, but after that i was pretty normal. then i got home and i slept for two-hour intervals, waking between them to do the most random shit. kara called me at eleven, which was awesome but i started falling asleep as she was talking, and when i woke up i didn't remember that i was on the phone with her and it freaked me out. it was like, nine seconds, but it was freaky.

anyway - nice chest <3.

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