dull as a coat hanger; giddy as a gangbanger

10:46 p.m. x 2006-04-24

wow, i make myself tired. i probably make a lot of the people i know tired, too. i'm a pretty intense person. but you know what? that's the way that i am. i must be intense for a reason. the intensity kind of got the better of me today, but i paced around talking to my aunt. that helped. then kara asked me out on a walk, and that helped. duff said hi. i had spaghetti. i walked a little by myself. i took pictures of myself, haha.

and my sister caught me doing it.

anyhow...fuck things that play with my head. do you want to know something? well...how long have you been reading this diary? it may/may not have jumped out at you all ready.

i am really bright. i am really funny. i am really talented. i am really well-intentioned. i am really committed. i am really interesting. i am really considerate. i am really sincere. i am really attractive (well, you can figure). i am really cool.

there are bad things about me. there are bad things about everybody. but there's a lot of good. i'm tired of my bad aspects leaping out at me and smiting away. i'm a cool kid.

and i know i'm headed somewhere nice...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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