fütter mein ego!

3:20 p.m. x 2006-04-28

my cat got into a rumble, and now his blood is all over the garage. i hold aliya's letter and carry it everywhere. west chester has rolling admission for transfer students. this "halber mensch" is the most thoroughly unnerving sound i've heard in ages. WORD. it's like "ave satani" but not as overrought.

speaking of which...i'm semi-looking-foreword to "the omen 666". for lack of more things to look foreword to, i'm sure. i'm looking MUCH more foreword to "INLAND EMPIRE" but i don't know how foreword i'm looking for that. i'm looking shortly foreword to my birthday, despite not knowing what the fuck's going on that day.

"i wish i got as much positive affirmation from other people as i always get from you...thank you so much for caring so much about me."

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