a confection of perfection

10:40 p.m. x 2006-05-05

dita. dita. dita.


i picked up my copy of burlesque/fetish and the art of the tease that i ordered last week. my mom wasn't going to let me have it tonight but i have it now, so, that's how i roll...it is a super empowering read and very, very fun. i broke out my garter and my high heels and curled up on my fur blanket and tousled my hair and listened to...well, badalamenti would've been more befitting but i'm having a fantastic time with "halber mensch"...and dove in. it is immaculate, stunning, too wonderful for words..."A CONFECTION OF PERFECTION". i'm glad i waited to get it until now, because it is the right time.

i got my bangs cut. the bastards needed it. i'm getting "all about eve" in the morning, then heading off. my aunt can't come. mmm...shit i have a crazy fucking headache.

I HAD HEATHER AND AMBER OVER TODAY. and i was very pleased. so i rocked out with them for a bit, gave them both CDs...jimmy dropped in and put the revised version of his cd and the new pearl jam one on the other computer. spoke to him, he's doing well. he wasn't doing well before.

i think i may be getting sick...errrgh! oh fuck that! all right, i'm going to go down advil and get off my heels. i'm going to have a great day tomorrow.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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