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3:45 p.m. x 2006-05-19

i just took a two hour walk in the cold and now i'm having a little trouble typing. errgh.

so i feel compelled to go see "the da vinci code" because i hear it sucks. i thought as much that it would, because of ron howard and tom hanks' involvement...i don't feel they were well suited to this material. i can say that all i want, but i'd feel better about being armed with valid criticisms and a thorough critique of it's all-encompassing suck.

way to ruin potential, guys. i don't care who thinks the plot is crock, it's still well-structured and fun. as long as it is kept from being smothered in it's own pomposity, which, i have a feeling that's what they allowed to happen...letting all of the opulent locations and fantastic conspiracies overwhelm the very taught plot line. grrr. way to go. way to go.

i'm not going to be bitter about "the da vinci code". no i am not. i'll wait for "the omen 666" to have my bitter critique-a-thon.

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