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9:28 p.m. x 2006-05-24

in my travels today, an elderly g shouted a question at me regarding summer vacation. i said, i'm all ready on vacation, i'm in college. he asked where i go, and i made a snarky swipe at half-college, to which he replied "i worked there for twenty years, just retired".

quite seriously - every time i insult that place, it's to someone who takes it personally. EVERYBODY mocks it, even though it has a lot of merit - it's still SO easy to make fun of! but i always manage to do it to the wrong person.


and then jimmy and i sat in the parking lot of his church and stared into space. and that was very nice. he picked me up off the side of the road like a streetwalker just like old times (warm grin dripping with sarcasm - last year he did that a great many times figuring it would only be a matter of time before i got my liscence). i still have the green tea he bought me last night, and i'm finishing it's sobe lean south beach diet recommended, because i figure that i've walked so much lately i may as well pay a little bit of attention to what i consume, considering. it isn't as good as the arizona green tea i got on thursday, which forever has a special place in my heart. now i'm sitting in my late may...and i'm wearing a jacket. in my house. in late may. what the bloomin freaky hell, batman? IT'S FUCKING COLD IN HERE. and i just walked for two and a half hours. my body heat should be right and toasty, but no. i was cold in jimmy's car, too. i'm downright chilly right now.

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