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5:18 p.m. x 2006-05-26

for today was ART SHOW.

i woke up at six today in order to get ready and eat breakfast, then i walked to the high school and got there in time to see clare perform! and then kara! and it was amazing. heather's display placed third and kourtney (my good luck charm) placed second. a painting of clare's won third and so did a photo of jimmy's! and catie won first in photography after much controversy surrounding the origin of her negatives. i spent the entire school day with clare and then jimmy picked me up and we went to the bank and walked around the art show alone together.

it was cool. i have green tea again, and tonight we're watching a movie, which will be really cool.

OH! AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS AWESOME? well...i have to stay on another semester at half-college but...CLARE WILL BE GOING WITH ME. we will take her during the summer and she will take me during the fall. it will be awesome. i have a very good feeling about this. if i can get a little help (which clare's mom talked to me about today) then i think everything will be all right.

errrgh i have "i was made for loving you baby, you were made for loving meee..." stuck in my head VICIOUSLY. oh! and the performances this year were actually really good. i typically despise them. but, wow...there was an acoustic interlude with the song "engine driver" and i started bawling, and do you know what? clare, kara and tweak surrounded me. and it was really wonderful. i was so happy. i was really sad, but that made me feel so okay. i love them so much.


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