and in my best behavior i am just like him

12:24 p.m. x 2006-06-08

what is today...way this morning jimmy txt'd me with regards to tonight, which i hope pans out...i want to watch a movie with him...amanda took me out to what i suppose was in essence brunch and we waved at jimmy, and clare informed me of the time to convene to go to graduation.

holy shit!

amanda called me last night around one and we talked until three-thirty, and that was quite the party. as i've had this window opened for an inordinate length of time (2 hrs?) and have been weedling around the internet biding my time until i go over to clare's, i've spoken to ken and to kara. kara and clare both filled out the boyfriend application i made on myspace! haha, aaah...i can't be made to choose between them.

i wish jimmy would come to graduation with me but i would really understand him not wanting to in the least (as this would have been his graduating class). i really really hope that we convene later because i want to show him "love & death" and drink green tea and relax.

that'd be nice. by the way, my new friend ken is a delight. even if my compliments are rendered meaningless, they persist nevertheless.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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