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11:11 p.m. x 2006-06-13

today was the 13th. if you look back throughout this past year, each 13th brought on some sort of major change. guess what today's was?

i can't think of a wording that isn't really pretentious or gives one the wrong idea about what the circumstance was to begin with, but i'm very happy right now. no matter what happens, i've found a good place. i'm well-adjusted, relaxed, occupied, CALM!, and very very down with "yes, virginia...", as it's been steadily growing on me since i got it.

anyhow...as i've just written a whole big passage i've deleted, i feel that today it doesn't deserve to be written about. i can't speak for the future but i can HOPE things continue placidly...i can speak for myself, though, that from now on things with ME will remain well and good. i am owed a KICKASS rest of the year!

"i'll be back in a second. my computer is on the fritz lang." - so, that's probably one of the coolest things anybody's ever said to me. haha, aaah...i am in such a good mood it's sick. it's because of kara and her pervasive preoccupation with the punisher, i have a feeling. a little of that. and a lot of being reminded that i am a good person, i have a lot of merit...it's a nice feeling.

*^-^* (i NEVER EVER use my smiley face that much EVER...i am DAMN HAPPY!)

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