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6:17 p.m. x 2006-06-17

EVERYTHING IS STUPENDOUS. in the event you have not yet heard about it. yesterday i went to the bookstore, walked with kara and watched "love & death", then swung with elisa and amber. bryan came by (?!), the boy clare used to be hung-up on, and that was a funny trip, then jimmy joined us and he and i were able to talk, and that made me VERY happy. he and i are smoothe sailing now, everything has been brought out and minutely discussed. i am relieved.

things are well, so very well.

after i got home from talking out with jimmy, amanda called and told me that she was able to once again talk to her army-man, and she was out-of-her-gord overjoyed. ken and i comment-volleyed, which completely made my night...haha, and today i got to talk to him briefly before i ran out to get movies for kara and i. she wants "the punisher", so i got "the punisher"...i always deliver, man...and i got "sleeper" to watch, too, and "interiors" for myself, which is on right now. so i'll have seen every diane keaton-woody allen collaboration, i think ("sleeper", "love & death", "annie hall", "interiors", "manhattan" and "manhattan murder mystery" the best of my knowledge). wheee!

also i have managed to acquire without feathers and side effects within the past weeks but getting even EVADES ME. soon, though, soon. it will, typically, work just like that, that the one that i want will go out of it's way to avoid me.

i want green apple soda. it is IMPERATIVE that i acquire some when kara and i run to the grocery store. i can't stand soda but i really really like it. forgive me, that this great mood that i'm in has also subjected me to BRAIN CELL HOLOCAUST, because i'm so deeply relieved, i feel a little fried @_#. eeesh.

i'm FREE...

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