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8:46 p.m. x 2006-06-18


last night was magnificent. i got to work with laura and then convened with kara to get an assortment of things with which to watch "the punisher", haha. as we were acquiring green apple soda we stumbled upon JIMMY'S DAD, which was so awesome! so he and i caught up, and then kara and i watched "the punisher" and she showed me the AMAZING drawing she did of the boy she likes. it is STUNNING. then she gave her dog benadryl and i spoke to jimmy and ken. jimmy had a problem and that was not good. ken, on a completely seperate matter, made me very very very happy. then i leapt onto kara in her parents' bed and she got up and we ate cake circa 5 a.m.. then i had to go to work again this morning, but my mom made me coffee! and my aunt is here.

mmm...lots and lots of nice things. things are looking up. i feel safe and warm and happy with things again. i feel okay to make decisions, now there's no dire, pressing urgency or fear. the only thing i have to concentrate on...right at this very moment...is the new layout for this site, haha. obviously i have college concerns, but i need a brief reprieve from existential dramatics.

i need to celebrate little things, like HTML and chibi cartoons. "yes, virginia...", "10,000 days" and the "manhattan" soundtrack. outstanding conversations.

endnote: 5 a.m. cake ensures that i will eat very little in the coming weeks. except for tomorrow when there is mexican, which i will be eating a lot of.

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