death of an interior decorator

3:32 p.m. x 2006-06-24

the other year, my mom let me redecorate the bathroom. that was really exciting, since i despise the way most of the house is decorated. to get to exert a little influence over it's appearance was momentous...and i carefully leveled with her on each piece i picked out, found a set we both could tolerate, picked out a piece of artwork, a curtain and a mirror and new towels. it was outstanding! i really liked it. i really like making space look nice...since there's no more space in my room (nor could it look better than it all ready does!)...

but now, my sister's redone the thing again. and i don't even want to go in there. i want to bathe in my dad's bathroom, which isn't least not with garish, hot pink handtowels, a picture of a daisy (ECK!), and a pink, orange and yellow striped curtain. i took the old picture into my room, and i plan on pilfering the mirror should a similar fate befall it...there's no room for the picture, it's just sitting in there - i'd just lodge the mirror in the back of my closet.

it's a shame that diplomacy should win out over good taste, but at least it isn't brown. i was up until four and then i watched "eraserhead" and went to work, so you'll have to excuse me. i love the sound of that movie, it's my favorite to fall asleep also has a very wonderful menu, the sound of which i enjoy just as much. i'd probably do well to get a hold of the soundtrack and fall asleep to that instead of letting the dvd player on all night...but i like to have the lights and images flashing at me when i'm going to bed... supremely autistic of me @_#.

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