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1:04 a.m. x 2006-06-26

clare began speaking to me again, and jimmy as well...clare and i just talked for a while. online and nothing involved, we just made conversation about different artists. we didn't talk about stuff. i'm supposed to see her tomorrow, which...if i do, i'm sure we'll talk about some things. she's going on vacation until our right around when our classes start (NINE DAYS, man) so i'll try and get a little input now.

talking with jimmy went pretty good...i was glad to hear him say "i pushed you away" instead of trying to pin the distance on me. i'm glad he didn't make me feel like i was trying to make a rift between us. he did call me out on a behavior really retroactively, and i hope he doesn't honestly think that it's a factor, when he talks to me about girls...i want him to foresake any idea like that, and just plunge headlong back into being my friend. just as you said. you can tell me anything without worry. don't worry about it anymore.

so that's good. i had the laziest weekend ever...i made marginal progress on my writing, however i'm really excited about the direction it's going in. i'd do well to map out where things are headed, since i'm working in a serial format, and it's a huge undertaking and not a little recreational project, really. it's pretty encompassing. but in that it's also really satisfying. i'm really proud of what i have going and that i think i have the potential to at least build the skeleton of something that could kick ass. i've spent so much time planning it, i think that if i work really hard i could turn it into something great. i'd like to collaborate on it, but i need to find qualified people. i love it, though. i'm so happy about the progress.

pff...i miss somebody...

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