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8:56 p.m. x 2006-06-26

clare never got back to me, but amber had me over to partake in tacos, jennifer connelly's unibrow, and david bowie's ubiquitous package. cause she knew i'd never seen "labyrinth"! amber's an angel. i have wickedly terrible cramps, however, and i cried when i woke up this morning. like, when i really woke up. my mom came in at some point to ask me if i wanted to go to the mall but i said no. i thought about it and wondered why and then realized that i was in immense, throbbing pain. so i nursed myself until i got word from amber to go over.

then! haha, as has just happened now...ken got on to say good night and see how my weekend was! he is very sweet, and that gesture made me very kara's shirt that said "ello!", that i was never aware referensed that film. mmm...i should like to get out and walk again soon, but it's been really moist outside. i'm owed a trip out now, since i declined the mall. i have a little lone paycheck but i'd rather set it aside. ergh. maybe my mom will be so charmed by my appearance in this one dress that she'll get it for me...

...she'll be hard-pressed, however, to be as charmed by that as i am by the hotel sequence in bunuel's "phantom of liberty". i love that's futile to try and compete with a monastic poker game or ponographic landscapes. as long as i keep this away from her, i am bound to get my dress (hmm, this is some real needing-to-go-to-bed logic...).

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